SIRHA-Lyon: Welcome to the Holland Culinary House and Meet our Bocuse d’Or team!

This SIRHA edition – International Food Service Event and World Cuisine Summit -, the Netherlands – in a different and quite remarkable way – will once again – this year with 26 exhibitors – be present. It is a long term commitment for our country to present ourselves in this highly specialized and interesting exhibition.

A Holland Culinary House will be set up by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs in which the Dutch food sector joins forces with the Bocuse d’Or organization of the Netherlands and its Chairman Jonnie Boer, Master Chef himself (***Michelin) . Location: Stand 2.1L06

Several Dutch Food companies will present themselves in the Holland Culinary House. Many interesting events will also take place here. Master Chefs of Bocuse d’Or Nederland and young Dutch Chefs, will show in the Holland Culinary House the international the multicultural character of the Dutch cuisine by preparing lunches – Dutch traditions & dishes – with high quality products of our exhibitors, every day during SIRHA.

  • Triggered by the Dutch cuisine? Visit The Holland Culinary House!program in Hollland Culinary House


 Dutch teams in finals:

Furthermore, 2 Dutch teams will compete in the 2 major most prestigious international gastronomic competitions in the world:

Bocuse d’Or Finals, 27 -28 January

The International Catering Cup, 23 -24 January

Every two years, the final of the prestigious Bocuse d’Or World Championship Contest is held in Lyon, France – the home city of Paul Bocuse. After many months of strenuous preparations, twenty-four of the most promising chefs in the world get together for two days of intense competition during which they must summon their very best talent in an attempt to win the most prestigious gastronomy trophy in the world !

  • The Dutch team composition for Bocuse d’Or Final  will be Jan Smink (Chef), Leendert Klaassens (Coach) and Lars Aukema (Commis). They are supported by Bocuse d’Or Nederland.
  •  For the International Catering Cup – 24th January – the team composition will be Frans ten Oever (teamleader), Mathieu Robert (team-member) and Wynand Vogel (Coach).

The Netherlands are proud of them and wish their promising culinary talents best of success! They are our Nation’s cuisine pride on the international stage!

 The Holland Culinary House

We like to underline that the Netherlands, not only delivers top quality food products, but also that Dutch cooks are able to compete with top ‘cuisiniers’ from all over the world.

The synergy between top quality food and top cooks will be made visible in the Holland Culinary House and several events will make it a dynamic and interesting pavilion to visit.

You will be able to meet representatives of several Dutch food companies in the Holland Culinary House. There are also quite a number of Dutch food companies who present themselves in different halls of the SIRHA, but you will be able to get information about their food products in the Holland Culinary House. There you will be able to find out exactly where you can find their location in the SIRHA. A brochure about all this will be available in the Holland Culinary House.

The key-words for the Dutch presentation in this SIRHA edition are ‘quality and synergy’.

Why ‘Quality’? Because we focus with the presented food products on the higher level of the market and want to be an attractive partner for the culinary top.

Why ‘synergy’? Because we want to communicate the enormous progress of the Netherlands in the culinary domain. This culinary progress goes hand in hand with the involvement of several outstanding food producers.

To underline the quality of Dutch food products and the synergy with high level Dutch ‘cuisine’, we are very happy that two Dutch Master Chefs – Edwin Vinke and Marco Poldervaart – , aided by two very promising young Chefs, will present Dutch traditional and contemporary dishes.

 On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs we wish all Dutch participants, exhibitors or competitors, a very successful SIRHA participation!

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 More about the World Cuisine Summit, a seminar om ‘better food solutions for better life’, and its key note speakers:

research studies:

 Some figures on SIRHA 2013:

Exhibitors leading in innovation

  • 2,980 Exhibitors and brands (+35.5% vs 2011)
  • 21% international exhibitors from 26 countries
  • 631 new products on show including 233 for the first time ever

Each year, more influential visitors from more countries

  • 185,500 professionals in 2013: a 14% increase over 2011.
  • 18,715 Chefs from all over the world.
  • 65% of visitors are decision-makers and buyers
  • 23,400 visitors from outside France in 2013, a 30% increase over 2011
  • 138 countries represented

A dynamic and efficient show

  • More than 1500 demonstrations a day on the exhibitors’stands
  • 17 contests, 345 candidates, 46 trophies
  • 170 business meetings between buyers or international experts at the International Business
  • Development Desk
  • 83% of visitors are looking for new products
  • 91% of visitors say they are satisfied with their visit to the exhibition

Source : Sirha 2013 visitors surveys

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